Fix Other Textbox When Randomizing Answer Options

When randomizing answer options, you will generally want to keep the Other - Write In option at the bottom of the list.

Randomized Answer Options

Setup Instructions

  1. Edit the question.
  2. Scroll to the answer option you wish to exclude and click the pencil icon to edit.
  3. Select Yes under Fixed Position.
    Fixed Position
  4. Click Done and Save Question.


Setting an answer option as fixed, fixes its location (use in combination with Randomize Answers, Randomize Row Order, and Randomize Columns found in the Answers section of the question editor)

Compatible Question Types: 

If you are piping answer options into a question that contains existing answer options, such as Not Applicable, use the fixed setting on the existing answer to make sure that the piped items appear above the existing answer option.

If you are piping options into column headers of a grid question and the columns are set to be randomized, the Fixed Special Setting for the columns is not compatible.

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