Pull Data from an Existing Report

We have a pending plan to deprecate Legacy Summary Reports.  Check out the New and Improved Standard Report!

If you need to include a report from a separate survey in the Summary Report for your current survey, you can do so using our Existing Report Element.

First and foremost, you will need to get the Report ID of the report you'd like to add to your current one. Go to the report and copy the report ID from the URL. This is the number that immediately follows /reportid/.

Set Up Your Existing Report Element in your Parent Report

  1. Return to the parent report and click Customize Report.
  2. On the General tab scroll to the bottom and click Add Element.
  3. Select Existing Report in the Element Display Type Dropdown.
  4. Enter the Report ID that you copied from the URL of your source report in the Summary Report ID field.
  5. (Optional) Enter a Headline to delineate the source report results from the results of the parent report.
  6. Click Save and Refresh Report.

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