Other Report Types

Explore Alchemer reports such as the Crosstab, Comparison, and Profile Reports


Crosstab Report
A Crosstab report (aka Contingency Table) allows you to cross tabulate at least two questions, one or more in the columns (also known as banner questions) and one or more in the rows (also known as stubs). Use Crosstabs to examine trends and patte...
Comparison Report
A Comparison Report allows you to view your summarized data broken down by a subgroup of the data. This grouping can be set up based on a question in your survey.
Fall-Off Statistics
Fall-Off Statistics are designed to analyze the survey rather than the questions in your survey, giving you the ability to identify pages where a high number of respondents have chosen to leave.
Profile Report
Creating a Profile Report allows you to compare one response to how the rest of the survey sample answered.
TURF Report
TURF stands for Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency. It is a statistical model that estimates market potential with limited resources.
Create and Customize a Legacy Summary Report
This report type is only available in accounts and surveys created before March 2016. Support for Legacy Summary Reports will be removed on September 1st, 2019. After this date, Legacy Summary Reports will no longer be supported by our Support or ...
Legacy Summary Report Chart Types
This report type is only available in accounts and surveys created before March 2016. We have a pending plan to deprecate Legacy Summary Reports.
Legacy Summary Report: Filter Based on Email List Custom Fields
Alchemer's Email Lists feature allows account administrators to create Custom Contact Fields in addition to the Standard Contact Fields available to everyone in Email Campaigns.