Copy Quotas from an Existing Survey

Quotas are limits that users can set for the number of responses a survey or question collects from respondents. These can be set up on the overall survey, on a given question or segment, as well as on a survey link.

For more information on setting up quotas within Alchemer projects, Check out our documentation on Survey Quotas here.

Copy Survey with Quotas 

If a user has a survey with quotas created, Alchemer allows for users to copy that survey, pulling in the quota parameters associated with the original project to save users time. Below explores the steps to complete this!

  1. Via the Left Hand Navigation Menu, Select Projects. Next, locate the project that has quotas one would like to copy. Select the three vertical dots to the right of the project, and then Copy:
  2. From the menu that appears, select the Checkbox titled, "Copy Quotas," and rename the project to reflect the purpose of the copied survey:
    If one is copying a link based quota, select Copy Links as well as copy Quotas.
  3. Select Start Building.

Once within the new project, navigate over to the Tools tab via the top toolbar and select Quotas:

On the Quotas screen, Users see the quotas that existed in the original survey, now existing in the copied version:

The parameters of each quota are copied over as well so that responses that would fill a quota spot in the original project are reflected in the newly copied version. 

Note: Responses to quotas are not copied over from the original project. The quotas will remain blank until responses are collected within the copied project. 

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