Alchemer Release Notes: September 8, 2022


[Update] – Added more options for scheduling recurring shared Standard Reports. You can now schedule Standard Reports to send daily, weekly, monthly, or annually with greater customization in duration periods, send day, and more, for up to two years from the set start date. 

This update includes visual enhancements to the Share Report modal to support the new scheduling options. In addition, a Save button has been added and must be clicked in order to save all changes and edits to the Shared Report settings. Learn more

[Update]The Report Summary page now displays the status of the share link, indicating whether the link is active or expired. Learn more

[Update] Report viewers using a shared URL link who wish to download the report as PDF now have the option to add page breaks between each question  Learn more

[Update] Email Authorization from Alchemer is now required prior to being able to send test emails. Submit an authorization request for your account by going to your Email Campaign setup screen and following instructions. Learn more

[Update] – The Survey Transfer Report Log is now available for surveys transferred across regions Learn more

[Update] – On the Projects page, actionable items such as columns selection, search bar, filtering, sorting, bulk selection, survey transfer, download survey list, and card/list view toggle have been moved to the top of the page for easy access when working on projects

[Update] The Account Summary card now adapts in size to fit the content displayed within it.


[Fix] – Fixed an issue to ensure the option to Allow Exports and the option to Allow Answer Option Filtering on Shared Standard Reports, via the Share Report modal, cannot be selected at the same time because they are not compatible. 

[Fix]Fixed an issue so that the messaging shown when viewing a shared Standard Report immediately displays the filtered conditions on the report. 

[Fix]Fixed an issue with the scheduling of shared Standard Reports so that recurring reports cannot be scheduled after the report's expiration date, today's date cannot be used as the report expiration date, the start date cannot be greater than the end date, and invalid date formats cannot be used. Learn more

[Fix]Fixed an issue so that the renewal date displayed on the Account Summary page to Account Administrators is accurate for monthly accounts. Learn more

[Fix]Fixed an issue on the Share Report modal so that the done button does not disable as different share options are selected 

[Fix] Fixed an issue to ensure when “Public” and “Anyone with the link” report options are selected, the “Allow Answer Option Filtering” sub options are not shown as they are not compatible; when “Password Protected” or “Only logged-in users” are selected the sub options are shown; and when “allow answer option filtering” is selected, the “allow exports” checkbox is not clickable as they are not compatible. Learn more

[Fix] Fixed an issue to show surveys are still selected when selecting surveys across multiple pages.

[Fix] Removed legacy messaging from Account Page to ensure only relevant messaging is displayed to users.

If you have any questions, please contact our Alchemer Support Team!

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