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Additional scripting solutions will be added in the future. Please reach out to Alchemer with comments and suggestions on solutions you'd like to see via the link here.


Copy Logic Quotas from one survey to another to expedite survey building and solutions.


Use the Quota Copy Tool by following this link here

  1. Provide the Source Survey ID (Source SID) where there are logic quotas. 
  2. Provide the Destination Survey ID (Destination SID) where users would like the source Survey ID logic quotas to be applied to. 
  3. An API key is needed to properly copy quotas from one survey to another with the tool above. Generate an API key Via Security > API Access. Select Create an API Key and provision it to the user copying quotas on the account.
    For more information on creating API Keys, follow the documentation link here.
  4. If the Quota Copy Tool is being used between accounts, provide the API token and secret token of the Destination account. 


  • Overall Quotas are not copied over when using the Quota Copy Tool.
  • Actions driven by Logic quotas being full do not function as expected (URL Redirect).
  • The destination survey must be a copy of the Source survey with matching question IDs for the quotas.
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