Marketing Survey Solutions

The articles listed below include several scripted solutions for working through various processes in Alchemer. Additional scripting solutions will be added in the future. Please reach out to Alchemer with comments and suggestions on solutions you'd like to see via the link here.


Glossary of Scripted Solutions
Find specific solutions via various workflows and goals listed below. Each article link displays a overall goal for the scripted solution, as well as steps for success in implementing each script into projects, workflows, and surveys.
Bracket Continuous Values
Convert a continuous value (like age) into bracketed ranges to segment reports or create a pie chart for the data.
Copy Quotas
Carry Logic Quotas from one survey to another to expedite survey building and solutions.
Current Date and Time
Save the current date and/or time in a specific timezone for a response being collected in Alchemer.
Automatic Save and Continue from Share Link
Automatically include a Save and Continue function without requiring a respondent to enter an email address. When following the survey Share Link, respondents return to the in-progress response or the Thank You page if their survey response is completed.
Show Random Pages or Questions, Least Fill (Quotas)
Show a set of Random X Concepts or Brands using a Least Fill strategy to ensure questions present as evenly as possible.
Soft Quotas
Allow respondents to complete their response once past questions with quotas are presented, even if the quotas are later met by another respondent.
CSS Snippets
CSS snippets are available for globally changing interactions across an entire survey, solution, or workflow.
Javascript snippets
Snippets designed to be used in Javascript Actions, not as stand-alone scripts.
Mirror the Order of Randomized Options in Later Questions
Goal   Mirror the order of randomized question options in a later question of the same question type. This solution works for the following question types: Checkbox Question Type Checkbox Grid Question Type Radio Button Question ...
Randomize Slider Question Left/Right Labels
Goal Randomize the left/right labels of Slider Questions while maintaining proper values for reporting. Effort:     ✔ ✔ ✔ Solution Add the code found below to a new Javascript Action on the page containing the slider qu...
Record the Order Randomized Pages are Displayed
Goal Record the order Randomized Pages were presented to a respondent. The below example shows the order three randomized pages were presented in response #11: Effort:     ✔  ✔ ✔ Solution      ...
Show One Random Page or Question
Goal Show one random page (or question). See also:   Show Random Pages or Questions Branching: A/B Split Testing in Surveys Effort:     ✔ ✔ ✔ Solution The solution uses the Hidden Value Action  to ...
Show Random Pages or Questions, Solutions Page
Goal   Show a random set of pages (or page groups or questions). Solution There are several solutions depending on the options needed. Randomizing Solution # shown Limit to earlier checkbox selection Balance method Balanc...
Show Random Pages or Questions, Basic Solution
Goal Show a limited number of random pages (or questions). See also:   Show Random Pages or Questions Effort:     ✔ ✔ ✔ Solution This solution fills a Hidden Value Action   with a list of random values u...
Show Random Pages or Questions, Limit by Checkbox question
Goal Show a limited number of random follow up pages (or questions) based on selections made in a Checkbox question.  A Prioritization Option ensures the respondent is always asked about a specific selection if checked (for example:...
Show a Random Number of Rows in a Radio Button Grid or Checkbox Grid question
Goal Show a Random Number of Rows in a Radio Button Grid or Checkbox Grid question. Effort:     ✔ ✔ ✔ Solution      Step 1      Add a Radio Button Grid or Checkbox Grid question to t...
Report - Use the 'Custom Javascript' tab (example: make clickable links from text)
Goal   Provide an example to Javascript developers by using Reports > Report Options > CUSTOM JAVASCRIPT.  The example provided converts the URL link text to clickable links.  Solution The solution waits for report ele...
Share Status of Quotas from a Survey
Goal Share the status of a survey's quotas with other members of an organization or team. Effort:     ✔ ✔ ✔ Solution This solution requires users create a new survey to display the quota counts of the primary surve...
Timed Quiz or Test
Goal Present a survey with a timed section that must be completed within a specific amount of hours/minutes after the respondent starts the timed section. Effort:     ✔ ✔ ✔ Solution This is a more flexible alternative to...
Validate one number is less than another
Goal Ensure a value is less than (or equal to) another value, for example: ⇩ ⇩ ⇩ Solution      Step 1:      Add two Textbox questions on the same page or different pages with validation to require nu...
Basic Math
You can perform basic math using either Javascript or Lua script in Alchmer    Javascript Alternative    A Javascript Action allows users to perform basic math and easily save the results to a Textbox question o...
Use Webhook Action to Prepopulate Questions
Goal Pre-populate Hidden Value Actions from a Webhook Action where the call returns JSON.  While the Webhook Action has the option to "Use it to pre-populate the following questions" it doesn't recognize JSON, a popular for...
Autofill tool
Goal Autofill answers on a survey page to speed up your survey testing. Effort:     ✔ ✔ ✔ Solution Create a bookmark in Chrome that runs Javascript to intelligently fill in a survey page. To add the Autofill tool: (1) I...