Alchemer Workflow Standard Reports

This feature is included with all Alchemer Workflow licenses. If you are interested in purchasing Alchemer Workflow, please contact us for additional information.

The reporting feature for Alchemer Workflows provide a single summary report across all surveys and forms included in a specific workflow. Follow the steps below to start creating standard reports for your Workflows: 

How to Use Workflow Reporting 

1. First, select a Workflow and navigate to the Monitor tab. 

2. In the top right corner, select the Report button. 

By default, the report created will include survey elements for all Workflow versions. However, in the Report Builder, you can filter by Workflow version.

3. This will take you into the Report Builder. The name at the top of the Report Builder and a corresponding tag in filter box will specify what Workflow the report is for. 

4. To filter by specific 'Workflow version', click the edit icon and then check the Workflow versions you would like to filter by. By default all workflow versions will be checked. 

5. Outside of the 'Workflow version' filter, and similarly to cross-survey reporting, you can only filter by 'response status' and 'date'. These filters will work across all survey elements included in your Workflow report.


If you add a cross-survey element that is not part of the Workflow, you will see the following "no data to display" message:

This is because you are filtering survey results for this specific workflow and the cross-survey element is not linked to  the Workflow. 

If you want to add additional filters for cross-survey questions or only to specific questions from the parent survey, you can do so in the filter options for that individual element. See steps below:

1. Open the Layout and Options editor for the specific questions

 2. Navigate to the Filter tab and add additional filters to the cross-survey element or specific parent-survey element.

Alchemer Workflow Standard Reports are built similarly to Cross-Survey Standard Reports. For additional details on all features and capabilities please refer to the Cross-Survey Standard Report article

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