Alchemer Survey Salesforce Integration


How to Find and Return or Update a Salesforce Contact
Pull data from Salesforce contact records into Alchemer or push survey data from Alchemer into Salesforce contact records.
Salesforce Integration Setup & FAQ
Using the Alchemer Salesforce integration you can pull information from and push information to Salesforce. You can set up Alchemer Salesforce integration to do any of the following actions wit
Salesforce Pull Action: Populating a Survey from Salesforce
Setting up a Salesforce action to pull data from your existing Salesforce records is easy!Looking to push information from your survey to Salesforce? Check out our Salesforce Push Action Tutorial to
Salesforce Push Action: Sending Survey Data to Salesforce (Upsert, Insert, or Update)
Setting up a Salesforce action to push data from your Alchemer survey to Salesforce is easy! Pushing data simply means sending data to Salesforce. You can leverage logic options to push to differe
Salesforce Lead Form
Are you using an embedded Alchemer survey to collect leads on your website? This is one of the most common uses of the Alchemer Salesforce Integration; so we just made it even easier! We've cre
Which Salesforce Field Should I Use With Each Alchemer Question Type?
Selecting the right Alchemer question type for the kind of data you wish to gather on your survey is paramount. Making sure that you are connecting that question to the right type of field in your
Troubleshooting Salesforce
Salesforce can be a tricky beast! Below are some common questions and troubleshooting scenarios.Can I map a file upload question?You can absolutely do this! It will send over the link to the uploaded
Crash Course with a Salesforce Developer Account
If you would like to test out Salesforce with your Alchemer account, an easy way to do so is with a handy dandy Salesforce Developer account, which allows for one user and is also free of charge.
Email a Survey Via Salesforce
When you're finished setting up your Salesforce Pull Action and/or Salesforce Push Action you'll need to configure your survey link to load Salesforce records. First, you'll want to get the URL from
Salesforce: Passing Dates
Depending on what date you're trying to pass to Salesforce you'll have a few different options. Formatting System DateIf you're just passing the system date and you just need to make sure it's format
Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Formerly ExactTarget) Integration
Using the Alchemer Salesforce integration you can pull information from and push information to Salesforce. Set Up the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration
Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Formerly ExactTarget) Triggered Email
You can trigger an ExactTarget email using your regular ExactTarget integration action. After setting up your triggered emails in ExactTarget, you just need to setup your Alchemer ExactTarget acti
What Is an Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Formerly ExactTarget) WSDL?
When setting up your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account under Account > Integrations, you will see something like this: In short, we need the correct WSDL to properly communicate with your Salesforce
Using Data Extensions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Formerly ExactTarget) Integration
Using the SF Marketing Cloud action you can also push or pull data from your data extensions. If you have data extensions, you probably already have a good idea how useful this data can be in your su