Survey Quotas

Find information on all things quota-related! Learn how to setup and monitor quotas.


Survey Quotas: Set a Limit for the Number of Responses to Collect
Quotas are limits you can set for the number of responses your survey collects. They can be set up on the overall survey (see Overall Response Quota), on a given question or segment (see Segmented...
Survey Quotas: Quota Based Logic
You can use both Overall and Segmented Quotas as the basis for question and page logic conditions. Use your quotas as the source for logic conditions in order to: Show specific messages to your survey respondents based on how full your quo...
Survey Quotas: Monitor Progress
If you have implemented Quotas to limit the number of responses that your survey collects, you likely want to track the progress associated with those quotas.
Survey Quotas: Understanding the Too Many In Progress Message
If you have an Overall Quota configured on your survey, your respondents may receive a message informing them that there are too many survey takers in progress.
Use Quotas to Offer Incentives
Incentives are a great way to attract survey respondents, but often cannot be given to everyone. Alchemer's quota features give you control over which respondents receive your incentive.
Copy Quotas from an Existing Survey
Quotas are limits that users can set for the number of responses a survey or question collects from respondents. These can be set up on the overall survey , on a given question or segment , as well as on a survey link . For more information on ...