Why Am I Getting a Survey-Not-Found Page?

If you're seeing a page displaying  404 survey not found it is likely because you made a change to your survey link and are still trying to access the old link.

For example, when you copy a survey, it will create a share link with the word copy in it. If you edit the link to remove the word copy and then try to access the old link, you will be taken to the survey not found page.

Original Auto-Created Link:

Edited Link:

As you can see, this link works:


But this link goes to the survey not found page:


The same can happen when customizing your link to use a private domain or branded sub-domains. This is true for both web links and email campaign links.

 Best Practice Tip

We recommend creating a new link and then applying customizations. This way you won't have to worry about sharing a link that no longer works.

To create a new link, simply click the Create New Tracking Link button towards the bottom of the Share tab. Give your new link a name, and click Edit this link to apply your customizations.

This will create a new link with your private domain. This way, if you shared your default link during testing it will continue to work along with your new private domain link.

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