Standard Report: SMS Statistics

Standard Report: SMS Statistics
Standard Report: SMS Statistics

If you have used an SMS Campaign to distribute your survey, you have the option to include SMS Statistics in your report using the Insert Tool

The SMS Statistics report element is composed of two items: Statistics Table and a  Message Status Pie Chart.

The Statistics Table element includes the following items:

  • Sent - number of total SMS messages sent from campaigns associated with the survey. This includes Initial Invites, Reminders, and Thank-You messages; you can see the break down of the message types below the pie chart.
  • Queued - number of messages awaiting delivery to the intended recipients
  • Delivered - number of messages successfully delivered to intended recipients
  • Failed - number of messages that could not be delivered
  • Completed - number of respondents that successfully completed surveys via their links

The SMS Status Pie Chart includes the following items:

  • Opened - percentage of messages where recipients clicked on the survey link by recipients.
  • Unopened - percentage of messages where recipients have yet to click on the survey link.

Below the pie chart, you will see a further breakdown of sends for each individual message in your campaign: Initial Invite, Reminder, and Thank You message.

Should you want to see progress for individual email campaign contacts, we recommend accessing the link to Export Contacts with Send Status available within your SMS Campaign on either the Contacts step or the Delivery Statistics step.

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