SMS Limits

When developing SMS Campaigns it is important to monitor your SMS Send quotas.

Send Quotas 

Alchemer customers can purchase bundles of SMS sends that include a combination of 10,000 Live sends and 100 Test sends. Test sends and Live sends are two separate quotas, and vary depending on what you've purchased. Live SMS message sends will not impact the Test SMS quota, and vice versa.

Live Sends Include: 

  • Initial invites
  • Reminder messages
  • Thank you messages

Unlike Email Campaigns, reminder and thank you messages DO count against your SMS Send Quota. 

Test Sends Include: 

  • All test messages

If you need to purchase additional SMS Send bundles, please contact our sales team.

Monitoring SMS Send Quotas

While working in your SMS Campaign, you will see information about where your account stands with respect to its SMS send quota. Keep this number in mind when sending your campaign. 

You can purchase bundles of 10,000 Live/100 Test sends if you need to increase your quota.


  1. Which SMS messages impact the Live and Test quotas?

    All initial invites, reminder messages, and thank you messages sent will decrease your Live Sends quota. Automated alert messages when a recipient opts-out of additional messages do not count against Live Sends quota.

    All test messages sent will decrease your Test Send quota.
  2. Do SMS Sends rollover if unused?

    No. These bundles are valid for the duration of your account term and are not reset prior to the term ending. For example, if you have an annual account, your 10,000 Live sends will be available for the whole year, unless used up before then.
  3.  How will I know if I'm close to or have gone over my limit?

    Account Administrators will be notified via email when 90% of the SMS sends have been used. You can also monitor your campaign summary for your SMS Campaign.


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