Alchemer Release Notes: November 30, 2021

Below is this week's log of fixes and improvements:


[Performance] – Adding a Contact list from the Audience section of the platform to an email campaign via the API functions as expected.

[Performance– Text within grid question elements in a Standard Report are now displaying as expected, and are simple to read across all ranges in the element.

[Performance– Utilizing a variable name of “source” or “source_” via the Alchemer logic builder within the platform results as expected, where users can drive survey traffic based on the value populated in the Logic operator section when editing pages, questions, and answer options based on URL variables.

[Performance– Audio player Text/Media Elements now function as expected when utilizing the Firefox web browser. 

[Performance– The Resume sending email/SMS campaign feature is now customer-facing. Customers are now able to manually continue their campaign sends without needing to reach out to the Alchemer Support team to continue email/SMS sends.

[Performance] – SMS Campaigns now display the status of “completed Surveys” when respondents complete a response in a project when viewing the delivery statistics page within a campaign.  


[Performance] – Website intercepts are now compatible with an HTTPS site.

[Performance] –  Fixed an issue where Salesforce Push actions replace commas in checkbox questions with semi-colins, resulting in two values being passed to salesforce that cannot be mapped to any Salesforce field. A checkbox question containing a comma now pushes properly to a matching value in a salesforce picklist. 

[Performance] – The Bulk Action to restore deleted responses via the trash restores all selected responses.

If you have any questions, please contact our Alchemer Support Team!

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