New Articles

  1. Alchemer Release Notes: June 2024

    June release notes for Alchemer Survey, Digital, and Workflow.
  2. Alchemer Workflow Domo Initiator

    Initiate a Workflow using a Domo Dataset Alert and then pass any information from Domo into Alchemer Workflow.
  3. How to Invite Teammates to Alchemer Pulse

    To invite a colleague to Alchemer Pulse, go to the widget in the bottom left hand corner, and select Team Management.
  4. Alchemer Pulse Data Permissions FAQ

    Learn how to assign data permission to individual users in your account.
  5. How to Use Custom Roles in Alchemer Pulse

    Learn how to create, assign, remove or edit a custom role in Alchemer Pulse.
  6. Create Permission Groups in Alchemer Pulse

    As an admin, you can limit who can access specific data with permission groups.
  7. Manage Your User Roles in Alchemer Pulse

    Your user roles help you organize and manage access to Alchmer Pulse.
  8. Signing Into Alchemer Pulse

    Learn how to sign into Alchemer Pulse via Alchemer Survey or Alchemer Digital.
  9. Alchemer Release Notes: May 2024

    Alchemer Release Notes for May 2024.
  10. Reset Your Alchemer Pulse Password

    If you forgot your password, you can reset it to get a new password.