Use Case: Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Learn how Alchemer can help boost employee satisfaction through streamlined feedback collection and analysis.

Think About It

  1. How does your organization gauge, analyze, and monitor employee satisfaction?


  1. High employee turnover and low employee satisfaction: Losing employees is a costly and time consuming problem for HR teams like yours. Low employee satisfaction impacts company morale and is a key indicator of impending employee turnover.
  2. Don’t know how employees feel about work: Consistently gauging changes in employee satisfaction quarter over quarter is challenging in the absence of sufficient data. Making it nearly impossible for you to understand the impact of business decisions, policies, or benefits changes on satisfaction.
  3. Unable to understand and meet the needs of your different employee groups: For example, some employees work in-person, while others are remote. These groups of employees have varying needs and without targeted feedback from each group of employees it is difficult to adapt and meet their needs.


Function: Human Resources 

Many HR Teams struggle with high turnover and low employee satisfaction across their company. They know changes are needed, but are unsure what changes will have the biggest impact on employee satisfaction and meet the needs of both their remote and in-person staff. An HR team is tasked with implementing a quarterly employee feedback process that sends targeted surveys to different employee groups. Once they’ve collected the feedback, they are asked to make recommendations to company leadership.


The HR Team uses Alchemer to create an Employee Satisfaction Workflow. Every quarter, employees receive a satisfaction survey that has personalized questions depending on their remote or in-person status. This Workflow ties into existing processes in their HR Systems, allowing the HR Team to bring employee information into Alchemer Workflow and personalize the surveys. With a consistent flow of feedback, HR uses Alchemer to analyze the data and recommend company-wide changes to the leadership team. They then monitor how these changes impact employee turnover and satisfaction.

Integrations Supported

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  1. Alchemer Workflow Greenhouse Integration
  2. Alchemer Workflow Paylocity Integration
  3. Alchemer Workflow PeopleSoft Integration
  4. Alchemer Workflow Workday Integration


  1. Lower Turnover Rates: With this feedback you can recommend company-wide changes that reduce employee turnover and raise employee satisfaction. By addressing the factors driving turnover, employees are 59% more likely to stay and are happier and more productive at work. You can also set up real-time alerts for at-risk staff and take action to prevent them leaving.

    Business Impact: Less time and money spent  
  2. Higher Employee Satisfaction: By personalizing the satisfaction surveys, and giving employees an opportunity to provide their feedback, you and your team are able to recommend specific business changes that positively impact all employees. With a consistent feedback process in place, you can monitor how overall satisfaction is impacted after changes are implemented.
    Business Impact:  A happier and more productive team.

How to Build This Use Case

Survey Components

1. In Alchemer Survey, create the following surveys. 

  •  Employee Satisfaction Survey. Here are some example questions:
    • How satisfied are you with your overall experience working at [Company Name]?
    • What do you like most about working at [Company Name]?
    • How would you rate the work environment at [Company Name]?
    • Are there any areas or aspects where you think the company could improve to better support its employees?
    • How likely are you to recommend [Company Name] as a good place to work to friends or acquaintances?
    • How would you rate the benefits and perks provided by [Company Name]?
    • What could the company do to improve your overall satisfaction and experience as an employee?
    • Are you designated as a remote or in-person employee? 
    • For remote employees only: How effective do you find the communication tools and platforms provided for remote work?
    • For remote employees only: How well do you feel connected to your team and colleagues while working remotely?
    • For remote employees only: Do you feel adequately supported by the company in terms of remote work resources and technology?
    • For remote employees only: What challenges do you face while working remotely, if any?
    • For in-person employees only: Are the facilities and amenities in the workplace adequate and conducive to your productivity?
    • For in-person employees only: How satisfied are you with the commute or transportation options available for getting to and from work?
    • For in-person employees only: Are there any workplace policies or practices that you believe need improvement to enhance the in-person work experience?

Use logic to show specific questions to remote or in-person employees.

Workflow Components

1. In Alchemer Workflow, create a new Workflow. 

2. Name the Workflow, then hit "Next".

3. Scroll down and select the Scheduled Initiator. For this use case, we want to initiate the workflow every three months. 

Alchemer Workflow integrates with a variety of HR systems. You can initiate this workflow from one of those external systems by selecting the specific initiator for that system. 

4. We want this workflow to initiate quarterly, so select "Custom Interval" then set the Interval to '3' and the time unit to 'month'. 

5. Add a Survey Invite step and Survey step for the Employee Satisfaction Survey. Configure the Survey Invite to go to all employees and select the Employee Quarterly Satisfaction Survey. 

6. You can also set up alerts that go out when employees indicate that they are dissatisfied and are at risk. To build this, create an If/Else logic block. 

7. If the employee indicated that they are "Very Dissatisfied" or "Dissatisfied" send an email to the HR manager. Even if the survey is anonymous this gives the HR manager valuable insights into what is driving dissatisfaction. 

Example Workflow

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