Allow Respondents to Download a Blank Copy of Your Survey

When designing a survey you may want to include a blank copy of the survey for respondents to download before they get started. Follow these quick steps to set this up!

Step 1: Download a Paper Copy of Your Survey

Go to the survey you wish to download and click Tools > Download Survey.

Select the survey elements you wish to include and click either the Download PDF File or Download Word File button.

To learn more about the differences between the Word and PDF files or about each of the survey element option check out our Download and Print a Paper Survey Tutorial.

Step 2: Upload the Survey File to Your File Library

To learn how to upload files, see our File Library Tutorial.

Once your file is uploaded, click on the icon of the file in the File Library list and then copy the embed code.

Step 3: Paste the Embed Code for the File in Your Survey

Now you can paste this code into a question title or Text/Instruction element for your respondents to download.

By default, the link text will be the title of the file you uploaded to the File Library. To change the link text, edit your question or text/instruction element and click the Full Mode button on the editor toolbar.

Not seeing this option? You're HTML Editor might be turned off. Learn how to Turn Your HTML Editor On or Off.

Then, click the View Source button.

Now you can modify the HTML of the link. To change the text of the link, edit the words in between the link and the closing tag, like so: 

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