Create a New Project

Learn the difference between our five project types and get started creating each project type.


Create a Survey
Start by clicking the Create Survey button. Give your new survey a name and click Start Building.
Create a Poll
Polls are a quick and interactive way to ask a single question of your website visitors. You can also choose to display realtime results to your respondents!
Create a Form
A Form project is essentially the same as a Survey. To create a form, click the arrow next to Create a Survey to see the additional types of projects and select Create Form. Give your form a name and
Create a Quiz
Using a Alchemer quiz you can create a pass/fail quiz or magazine-style tally quizzes – both of which score responses in real-time and give the respondent a score when they finish.
Create a Payment Form
The Payment Form allows you to set up an order form or donation form for purchasers to select various products and services and submit a payment! We've integrated with Stripe to bring you the abil...
360 Reviews
While a standard review is about the employee's job performance, a 360 review evaluates the employee themselves. That makes it very personal and very powerful; that's why we built a tool to easily...
Copy a Survey
There are two ways to copy a survey. You can find the survey you wish to copy then copy it or create a survey then search for the survey you wish to copy. The method you choose will probably depend o
Copy Reports, Email Campaigns and Share Links When Copying Your Survey
When copying your survey you can also select to copy the reports, email campaigns, and/or share links along with the survey. This option will save the settings on your reports, campaigns, and links.
Copy Survey and Import Data
Alchemer gives you the tools to Copy your survey and to use the Data Import Tool to import the original survey's data into the copy. This can be accomplished by using the following features:
Can I Create a Survey From a Word Document?
Do you have a survey already built in a Word document? The easiest way to get this content into Alchemer is to copy and paste the questions, answers, and other instructional text into Alchemer.