Before You Launch

Before you send out your survey to gather responses, review these tutorials to ensure that your survey is a success.


Testing Your Survey
One of the most important stages of survey building is the testing stage. Time spent testing your survey and reviewing test data in reports & exports prior to sharing your survey is time well spent.
Survey Diagnostics
The Survey Diagnostics tool on your survey's Test tab includes an Estimated Length, Fatigue Score, Accessibility Score.
Building Mobile-Friendly Surveys
Alchemer surveys are optimized for mobile! Your surveys can be accessed on any web-enabled mobile device and will respond to the screen size and inputs accordingly.
Get Data Into a Survey Through Pre-population
Often when surveying respondents, you will already have data from your list of contacts that you'd like to include with your survey data without having to ask for this information again.
Identify Respondent Info: Who Took My Survey?
Looking for a way to determine both who responded to your survey and which response belongs to whom? There are several ways to go about this. Before you decide on your approach you'll need to answ...
Editing a Live Survey
Need to make a change to your survey? If you have already collected data it is important to understand how surveys are updated as well as how respondents and your data will be affected.
Testing Logic In Your Surveys
We recommend adding survey logic in the final stages of your survey build. We know; it's tough to resist adding logic while building your questions but it's a good idea to hold off. Here's why. While you, the survey builder, are intimat...
Generate Test Responses
The Test tab of your survey provides you with several options for testing your survey. One of these options is a tool for generating test responses.
Preview Mode
As users' build out surveys in Alchemer, it is essential to be able test changes made to projects to see how the respondent experience is in survey taking. In Preview Mode , Alchemer provides users a way to do just this, allowing users to te...