Alchemer Release Notes: March 2024

Alchemer Digital


[Update] - A new Reporter role is now available that lets stakeholders view Summary, Insights, and Interaction reports without being able to create or launch interactions on the app. Learn more.

[Update] - Customers can now go back to the list of all surveys or prompts using a button next to the interaction title.

[Update] - Customers can add images to prompts (formerly notes) to increase engagement with in-app notifications. Learn more.

Alchemer Survey 


[Update] - Customers can now use the new mobile-optimized theme as the default theme. Learn more.

[Update] - Added solution_instance_id to the action log for Alchemer Survey integrations.

[Update] - Customers can now edit integration action labels or names

[Update] - Updated "insufficient integration permissions" for Alchemer Survey Integrations. 


[Fixes] - Fixed an issue where PDF downloads for reports would get stuck on 70%. 

[Fixes] - Multiple bug fixes for Survey Logic Builder. 

[Fixes] - Fixed an issue where error responses were not showing in the action log for Alchemer Survey integrations.

[Fixes] - Fixed an issue where Shared and Scheduled Report PDF/SEA PDF not including Open Text.

Alchemer Workflow 


[Update] - Localized scrolling areas on workflow build screen.

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