Alchemer Release Notes: March 3rd, 2022

Below is this week's log of fixes and improvements:


[Upgrade– Enhanced functionality of email action authorization so that a customer is unable to close the email authorization form until an email has been added to the pop-out drawer. Additionally, a notification banner was added to explain the customer experience. This encourages a customer to complete the form so that the support team can review their survey and project builds. 

[UpgradeRelative reminders for SMS campaigns are now sent one time for the specified number of days provided by a customer after the initial SMS invitation, and at the same time of day provided in the initial SMS send. 

[UpgradeUpdated the timeout to check word clouds 1/4th as often and wait a total of 5 minutes before timing out if an issue is present. This improves the word cloud viewing experience.

[Upgrade– Enhanced functionality for uploaded contact files where unless specifically named within a .xls or .xlsx extension, uploaded contacts file will be treated as a plaintext CSV. Additionally, empty rows are now excluded from the import process so that an unnecessary field is unpopulated. 

[Upgrade–   Customer accounts will now see this banner when not all required fields are populated in the email authorization form Enhanced functionality with a warning banner stating, “Your action was not re-fired due to missing authorization” for accounts who have not added an email action to their account previously.

If you have any questions, please contact our Alchemer Support Team!

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