Alchemer Release Notes: June 22, 2023

Alchemer Survey


[Fix] – Fixed an issue that caused the percentage numbers in reports for grid question types to not be shown when a report filter was applied. 

Alchemer Workflow


[Update] – Alchemer Workflow customers with exporting permissions can now export survey response data from workflows. This allows you to combine data sets and view how a single person responded across all surveys in a workflow. Learn More

[Update] – Alchemer Workflow customers can now rename workflow steps without having to fully validate the step. 


[Fix] – Fixed an issue where the Build page in Alchemer Workflow was intermittently displaying as blank. Any workflows that had previously become blank will be restored.

[Fix] – Fixed an issue where the the Publish button for a workflow would not correctly appear after modifying the Survey Listener initiator to use a newly created survey.

[Fix] – Fixed an issue where the information banner, identifying connected workflows, was not displaying correctly when using a newly created survey as the initiating survey in a workflow.

Alchemer Mobile 


[Update] – Released Alchemer Mobile API. This new addition to the Alchemer Mobile product introduces a host of powerful new capabilities, including, seamless integration of real-time metrics and raw data into your reporting and business intelligence (BI) tools of choice and complete API key management with enhanced security.  Learn More

[Update] – Custom Data Management is now available in the Alchemer Mobile dashboard. Learn More

[Update] – Android and iOS 6.0 SDKs now available for all supported development frameworks: Cordova, Flutter, React Native, mParticle, and/or Xamarin.  

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