Alchemer Release Notes: June 2024

Alchemer Survey


[Fix] - Fixed an issue where the percent symbol for URL encoded link for file upload questions was being double encoded.

[Fix] - Custom CSS changes are now applied correctly to older pre-existing survey themes  

[Fix] - For email campaigns with private domains, links are now always HTTPS.

[Fix] - Fixed an issue where answer option filters applied to a shared report do not filter the open text. 

[Fix] - Fixed an issue where downloading a PDF of your survey doesn’t include your logo from your theme in the header like it should. 

Alchemer Workflow


[Update] - Customers can now automatically trigger more actions based on the completion status of the surveys in their workflow


[Fix] - Fixed an issue where the partial workflow count was displaying as -1 intermittently.

[Fix] - Terminate workflow button now populates correctly for in progress workflow runs

[Fix] - Display issues for “Continue Immediately” icon on Survey Steps in Alchemer Workflow.Fixed display issues for “Continue Immediately” icon on Survey Steps in Alchemer Workflow.

[Fix] The newly introduced Response Status for Alchemer Workflow no longer displays in Logic Builder outside of Alchemer Workflow.

Alchemer Digital


[Update] - Added validation for empty configuration fields for Alchemer Mobile Push


[Fix] - Fixed an issue so updating a Prompt does not inadvertently change how deep links and URLs are opened.

[Fix] - Fixed an issue so the disclaimer text cannot be saved as empty when the “Display additional disclaimer” box is checked.

[Fix] - Fixed various bugs and display issues around Rich Text, and added a disclaimer that interactions linked to surveys with Rich Text will not be visible to consumers on apps using unsupported SDK versions.

[Fix] - Fixed a display issue causing sentiment and Fan Signals text to overlap on the Insights page.

[Fix] - Hot fix for an issue where the customer app’s manifest did not include their live Love Dialog or Survey.

[Fix] - Fixed an issue so the button text in Love Dialogs and Prompts is still visible when using the “Increase Contrast” feature on iOS. Available in SDK 6.8.1.

[Fix] - Fixed an issue so that customers who incorporate our SDK via Pod Install can receive our privacy manifest. Available in SDK 6.8.1. 

[Fix] - Fixed an issue so customers using CocoaPods can correctly reference our privacy manifest. Available in SDK 6.8.1. 

[Fix] - Fixed various bugs and display issues around Rich Text and added support for tel: and mailto: for inline links.

[Fix] - Fixed various bugs and display issues around Rich Text

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