Alchemer Release Notes: August 22, 2023

Alchemer Survey


[Update]  –  Released a series of respondent experience improvements within the new mobile optimized theme. Focusing on the following question types and survey elements: custom group, contact form, image heatmap, video and audio sentiment, card sorting, conjoint, and images

[Update]  Improved support for adding a target attribute to Privacy/Data Use Policy URLs.

[Update]  – Quota counts now automatically refresh when importing and managing responses, and there is a new “Refresh Quotas” button to update the counts.

[Update]  – The “Sent” column in SMS campaign delivery statistics is now “Initiated”, meaning a request to send a message has been made by the user but the message may not have been sent yet.

[Update]  – In CA and EU regions, SMS campaigns with unvalidated contacts are now automatically rescheduled after contact validation is complete.


[Update]  Fixed an issue with the "shown" attribute from the survey APIs for radio grid questions.

[Update]  – Fixed an issue with the scrolling behavior on mobile devices for surveys using the new modern theme.

Alchemer Workflow


[Update] – Launched four new Alchemer Workflow initiators. Alchemer Workflow customers can now initiate workflows on certain external events in Asana, Paylocity, Salesforce, and Zendesk. Learn more.

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