Understanding the Data Quality Tab in Individual Responses

On the Data Quality tab of each Individual Response Alchemer provides you with flags regarding respondent's survey-taking behavior. In this tutorial we'll cover what each of these flags mean and how they are detected. If you wish to clean your data in bulk check out our Data Cleaning Tool to learn how!

To get to the Data Quality flags go to Results > Individual Responses within your survey. Select an Individual Response and go to the Data Quality tab.

Total Time to Finish

Total time to finish is the time spent on all pages. Each time a page loads we record a start time for the page. When the respondent submits the page a end time is recorded. In this way we have a page time for each page by subtracting the end time for the page from the start time. These are summed to get the total time to finish. 

Average Question Response Time

This is computed by dividing Total Time to Finish divided by the number of questions in the survey. This is computed for all responses that progress pass the first page of the survey.

Possible Straightliner/Patterned Responses

The answer pattern suggests that the respondent may have straightlined or answered in a visual pattern (Christmas Tree) through the questions without reading.

Checked None + 1

Some respondents know that not checking any checkboxes in a Checkbox List can be a reason for disqualification and just check a single random checkbox to get by. The following questions have only a single checkbox checked.

Checked All

The respondent checked all checkboxes in a Checkbox List. This can be an indication that they are using an auto-checker. When done on screening questions, this can be an indication that a respondent is presenting that they are qualified for everything even though they aren't.

Fake And Test Answers

The following questions possibly have test/fake data, gibberish answers, or are from services often used for creating fake contact information. This also includes single word answers to required essay questions.

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