Legacy Summary Report: Using Headlines Vs. Question Titles

This report type is only available in accounts and surveys created before March 2016. We have a pending plan to deprecate Legacy Summary Reports.  Check out the New and Improved Standard Report! If there are features/functionality missing from the Standard Report check out our Known Issues Category in Community to vote and subscribe to updates.

On the options tab of a Legacy Summary Report you have three options for what you wish to display as the title for each report element.

By default, the Headline for a report element will contain the Question Title. 99% of the time users just leave this set as is. Below we'll cover when you would use each of these options.

When Would I Use a Headline?

The main purpose of a Headline is to allow you to customize the text of your questions within the report without editing your actual survey questions. 

The Headline can be edited within each report element. To do so, click Customize Report and on the General tab click the question you wish to modify. Then simply modify the text in the Headline field.

For example, the below question title that is displayed to the survey respondent was "Did the article or video use words or terminology you would use to describe the task you were trying to achieve?" Since, I am only planning to share my report internally with people at Alchemer who are familiar with the data; I might choose to shorten the headline to "Correct Terminology." This will clean up the report a bit and hopefully, make it a little easier to consume.

When Would I Use a Question Titles?

Now that we've covered how Headlines work you can see that often the Headline and Question Titles option will have the same result. It only really makes sense to select Use question titles if you have customized your Headlines to something different than the Question Title text and you wish to quickly revert your report back to using question titles.

When Would I Use Aliases?

If you've added question aliases to your questions, they will be available in Summary Reports to use in place of question titles. Within your Summary Report, click Customize Report and go to the Options tab. Under Report element titles select the option to Use aliases (where specified).

Note: Aliases are not supported in Summary Reports for Custom Group and Custom Table question types.

Learn more about aliases in our Using Question Aliases Tutorial.

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