Alchemer Release Notes: July 18, 2023

Alchemer Survey


[Update]  –  Added a new theme in the style tab for surveys.  This is a fresh, modern theme that is optimized for use with both mobile devices and web browsers.

[Update]  – Improved the upload speed for file upload file questions.

[Update]  – Added a filter for ‘excluded’ contacts in the audience list dashboard to simplify the process for generating a list of contacts with an ‘excluded’ status from SMS campaigns.

Alchemer Workflow


[Update] – Additional columns have been added to the Alchemer Workflow Exports for Run Status, Version, Survey ID, and Survey Name for better workflow and survey identification when linking responses across a workflow. Learn More

[Update] When a respondent completes a survey step in a specific workflow, that survey response can initiate another distinct workflow. This enables workflow to workflow chaining for cross-department or multi-survey processes where each survey can also be started independently of a workflow. 

[Update] Several visual improvements for Alchemer Workflow, most notably the Reset Changes functionality has been changed to a button for improved keyboard accessibility and the Active/Inactive toggle wording has been updated for clarity.

[Update] – Updated validation for survey steps so they cannot be placed immediately after a survey listener initiator.


[Fix] – Fixed an issue with the Current Step indication so the Most Common Step can more accurately be counted. 

[Fix] – Fixed an issue that caused runs to be created for inactive workflows when visiting a workflow share link. 

[Fix] – Fixed an issue where Survey actions were firing during tests if the “Run Survey Actions” toggle was turned off, when visiting the test link.

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