Alchemer Release Notes: February 20th, 2024

Alchemer Survey 


[Update] - Launched two new Alchemer Survey integrations, Zendesk and Shopify. These integrations allow you to push survey data into these external systems or pull data from the external systems into Alchemer. 

[Update] - Webhook endpoints must accept the connection request within 5 seconds and receive the data within 30 seconds.

[Update] - Added unsubscribe link to email headers to meet Google's new requirements.

[Update] - Default sort order (by survey response ID) restored for API V4/V5.


[Fix] - Fixed an issue with edit links within CSV/Excel exports of encrypted surveys

[Fix] - Fixed an issue with SSO for survey respondents on Edit/SNC/Campaign links.

[Fix] - Fixed an issue where filtering API responses by a response value would result in 400 error. 

[Fix] - Fixed an issue where .docx or .xlsx files uploaded to file upload question could not be accessed via Individual Responses.

[Fix] - Fixed an issue where the private domains page only displayed the first 20 domains on an account.

[Fix] - Fixed an issue with domain creation endpoint in API V5. 

Alchemer Digital


[Fix] - Additional cloning enhancements including fixing behavior for cloning “Has Seen Events” rules and several cloning bug fixes. 

[Fix] - Fixed an issue where new ticket tags appeared incorrectly in Zendesk integration setup.

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