Alchemer Release Notes: February 23, 2023

Alchemer Survey


[Update] – NPS chart elements updated to be visually consistent across the Alchemer platform.

Alchemer Workflow


[Update] – In an individual run log, survey steps will now show an "In Progress" status when a respondent has started, but not yet completed a survey.

[Update] – If/Else Logic blocks can now be reordered on the timeline without triggering nesting validation.

[Update] – When running a test of a workflow that starts with a Share Link, survey responses created will be marked as “Test” on the survey individual responses page.

[Update] – Respondents on older workflow versions who attempt to access a terminated workflow will now see the termination message defined by the workflow builder.

[Update] – The status bar will now persist at the top of the screen when users are working in the Build tab. 

[Update] – Steps can now be dragged from the Step Library to anywhere on the canvas to appear at the end of the workflow.

[Update] – The Slack step can be edited completely upon clicking the edit pencil for the first time. Also, the frequency option, which is only relevant for surveys, has been removed.

[Update] – Terminology has been clarified across the product so that “Closed” is now “Inactive” and “Partial” is now “In Progress”.

[Update] – The Active/Inactive toggle will move back to Active if you choose not to make the workflow Inactive (hit cancel).

[Update] – When someone responds to a survey that a workflow is listening to, it will no longer trigger a workflow run until you publish changes and activate that workflow. 


[Fix] – Fixed an issue with the merge code selector where merge codes from subsequent steps were displaying. Merge code selector now only displays merge codes from proceeding steps.  

[Fix] – Fixed an issue with the "Date Started" timestamp, so it now correctly shows the time that the step was started. 

[Fix] – Fixed several scenarios where merge codes were showing up as "|NOT SET|". 

[Fix] – Fixed an issue where If/Else Logic blocks were not going to the correct spot on the timeline when dragged there by the workflow builder. 

[Fix] – Fixed an issue where incorrect panels were displaying when users accessed Survey Builder through a workflow. 

[Fix] – Fixed an issue where un-configured surveys were displaying in the condition helper (the dropdown that displays steps/surveys when creating a new condition). 

[Fix] – Fixed an issue where test runs were not working if the initiator was changed from Share Link to Survey Listener. 

[Fix] – Fixed an issue where If/Else Logic blocks in a workflow would interfere with updating the initiator step.

[Fix] – Fixed an issue with the Delay Step where it was delaying the next step in a workflow by the incorrect amount of time. 

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