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Show a limited number of random pages (or questions).  Use a quota-based Least Fill strategy to ensure pages (or questions) are presented as evenly as possible.  

If you are not using the options below it will be easier to use the Basic Solution

If you have a license that provides Lua script and will be limiting with 10 or fewer Checkbox options and collecting 1,000 or fewer responses, it will be easier to use the Least Fill (Query) Solution (link coming soon).

   Limit based on selections made in a Checkbox question Option     Show a limited number of random follow up pages (or questions) based on selections made in a Checkbox question (which could be a list of Concepts or Brands).  A Prioritization Option ensures the respondent will always be asked about a specific selection if checked (for example: the Brand you're researching). 

   Respondent Condition Option      Ensure pages (or questions) are presented evenly to respondents who fall into one or more Conditions (such as Gender, Race, or Age Bracket). Note that this is limited as Conditions can quickly generate a large number of Quotas.

Effort:   ✔ ✔ ✔  (mostly adding quotas and page logic)


This solution fills a Hidden Value Action with a list of random name you define using quotas.  Later pages or questions use this list to determine if they should be shown or hidden based on whether it contains a specific name or not.

   Step 1:  Add Two Hidden Value Actions   

(1) Add a new page.

(2) Add a Hidden Value Action with the title random-pages-to-show.  The script will set this to a list of randomly selected quota names.

(3) Add a second Hidden Value Action with the title quotas.  The script will set this to the quota counts that were found at the time this respondent was taking the survey.  This is useful if you want to understand why a response was presented specific pages.

   Step 2:  Add Quotas   

If one is using the Respondent Condition Option skip this step and see directions for this option at the end of the article.

The example below use the names A, B, C, D.  If one is using other names, ensure they are short single words that are not a substring of one another (ie:  "SPS" and "XSPS" aren't allowed).  

The Quotas must follow the naming convention of fill-Name (ie, they must start with "fill-").  Set each quota to check if random-pages-to-show "contains" the Name.  And set each quota to Continue collecting responses on the Complete Actions tab.

   Step 3:  Add a Webhook Action to get the quotas    

Add a Webhook Action to the top of the page added in Step 1 to get the quotas: 

1. Choose GET Method

2. Enter the URL below for your data center (US, CA, or EU), updating the highlighted sections with the survey ID and API Token/Secret 

US -***&api_token_secret=***
CA -***&api_token_secret=***
EU -***&api_token_secret=***

3. Choose Display it at the bottom of page for what to do with the returned data.

   Step 4:  Add a Javascript Action     

  1. Add the Javascript at the end of this article to the bottom of the page added in Step 1.  
  2. Set the highlighted values

   Step 5:  Add random pages (or questions)      

Add the pages (or questions) to be randomly shown.  

Set the Display Logic for each to only show if the random-pages-to-show Hidden Value Action added in Step 1 contains one of the quota Names.  The text must match exactly, including case.  

   Step 6:  Test     

There's a lot going on here.  Users do this in Preview by selecting Fire Actions.  In Chrome users right-click > choose Inspect > click the Console tab. In the test below Alchemer has both Gender Condition and Aware-of questions.  After answering those questions and clicking Next, the Javascript page finds the quotas based on the Condition and Aware of selections. It then determines which Concepts to show using the Prioritization of any Brand with an asterisk at the end of it's reporting value (Southwest in this example).

The example below chooses two of four brands and runs a Least Fill separately for Male and Female respondents.

Above we can see the Console tab displays the reasoning of the Javascript code.  In this case the Condition is Female and the Aware of Concepts are A, B*, D.   Users see that three Quotas were evaluated, but since there are no responses yet all quotas are Zero.  

However, because Concept B has an asterisk in the Aware of Reporting Value, it is Prioritized.  To prioritize within a Least Fill, the code sets the Brand response count to -1, ensuring it moves to the start of the Least Fill list. The remaining Concepts are randomly chosen based on the lowest response counts.  In the above example, this results in brand B and D being selected.

To see the quota counts increase, use the Share tab and create Complete responses. To quickly test quotas, add Skip/DQ logic at the end of the Javascript page to send respondents to the Thank You page to not spend time answering the Concept/Brand pages. There may be a few second delay after completing a response before the Javascript shows the updated quota counts in the Console window.

   Step 6:  Hide the page from Step 1   

When testing is complete hide the page added in Step 1:

  1. Enter sg-hide for the page's Layout tab > CSS Class Name.  This class will hide the page.
  2. Uncomment the line at the end of the Javascript that clicks the Next button by removing the leading backslashes highlighted below:
              //  $("#sg_NextButton").click();
  3. Note:  Do not set the page as Auto-Submit, this does not allow the Javascript to function.

   Limit based on selections made in a Checkbox question Option     (otherwise skip this step)

  1. Add a Brand Awareness Checkbox Question to the survey with an option for each Brand.  
  2. The Reporting Values must match the names used for the Quotas later.  Set Reporting Values to Custom and edit them to ensure they are short, single words and that none is a substring of another (ie:  "SPS" and "XSPS" aren't allowed).  Pro tip: simply set the Reporting Values to letters of the alphabet.
  3. Prioritization Option:  Add an asterisk at the end of the Reporting Values (ex: B* below) to ensure the Brand is always presented if the respondent is aware of it.

In the Javascript code, uncomment the AWARE_OF_CONCEPTS section and set the  merge code question ID to the Aware of question (to uncomment, remove // from the start of the line of code).

    Respondent Condition Option     (otherwise skip this step)

  1. Add one or more Radio Button questions, like Gender.  
  2. Set the Reporting Values to Custom and edit them to to be short single words . 

Create a Quota for each Name / Concept combination.  Each quota checks one Condition and Name to see if it's contained in the random-pages-to-show  added in Step 1. The Quotas follow the naming format of fill-Condition-Name.  If one is using two conditions, use the form fill-Condition1-Condition2-Name.

In the Javascript code, uncomment the CONDITIONS array.  Add one or more Condition question merge codes to the array for the earlier Condition questions.  If there is more than one Condition, the order needs to match the order of the Conditions listed in the Quota names.  

For example: the Quota fill-Male-Black-A would need the CONDITIONS array to have the Gender merge code first and the Race merge code second:

  `[question("value"), id="2"]`, // gender question merge code
  `[question("value"), id="3"]`, // race question merge code

Code to add to Javascript Action

/* Alchemer v02

   Determine concepts to show based on Least Fill.  Uses quotas returned from
   the Webhook Action to get current count of completed surveys.  

   Different quotas are applied for the respondent's Condition. The Condition is
   how the respondent answered a question, like Gender.

   Documentation and updates:

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {

  // how many pages (questions) to show
  const NUM_TO_SHOW =  2 

  // QID to save the vertical-bar-separated list of Names to show
  const SAVE_TO_QID =  129 

  // QID to save what the quotas looked like to this response (so we can audit that that the javascript choice made sense)
  const CURRENT_QUOTAS_QID =  130 

  // Array of the Reporting Values of the "Aware of Brands" checkbox

  // Checkbox is on an earlier page
  // AWARE_OF_CONCEPTS = `[question("value"), id="134"]`.split(',')

  // Checkbox is on this page and is based on logic from questions earlier in the survey
  //   Contains a pre-checked 'do not delete' element to ensure it isn't confused for the default empty array 

  // Quota names are in the form 'fill-[CONDITION-[CONDITION-]]CONCEPT'
  //   where the CONDITIONS are optional.
  let CONDITIONS = []
  //  `[question("value"), id="2"]`,

  // * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  // * no changes needed below *
  // * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  const LOG = true

   * Helper to display error dialog and throw new Error
  const assert = (bool, msg) => {
    if (!bool)
      throw new Error(msg)

   * Helper: Get a SurveyGizmo element on the page.
   *         Ex: In survey 1234567 on page ID 12 the call getSgId(123, "element")
   *             returns HTML element for "sgE-1234567-12-123-element"
  function getElemByQid(qid, oid = "element") {
    let surveyInfo = SGAPI.surveyData[Object.keys(SGAPI.surveyData)[0]]
    let id = "sgE-" + + "-" + surveyInfo.currentpage + "-" + qid + "-" + oid
    let elem = document.getElementById(id)
    assert(elem, "Javascript error: can't find element with id = " + id)
    return elem

   * Get the reporting values for the CHECKED options of
   * a radio button or checkbox QID.
   * qid (int / string) question ID
   * return (array of string) array of reporting values
  const getCheckedByQid = (qid) => {
    const checkedElems = getElemByQid(qid, "box").querySelectorAll('.sg-question-options input:checked')
    if (LOG) console.log("checkedElems = ", checkedElems)
    const checkedOptionIDs = [...checkedElems].map(elem => elem.value)
    // get object that maps optionID to reporting value, ex:  { "10014": "reporting value1", "10015": "value2"}
    const optionsObj = SGAPI.survey.surveyObject.questions[qid].options
    // map the object array to array of just the reporting values
    const checkedReportingValues = => optionsObj[optionId].value )
    if (LOG) console.log("checkedReportingValues = ", checkedReportingValues)
    return checkedReportingValues

   * Sort two strings in alpha order
  const alphaSortFn = (a, b) =>  a.localeCompare(b)

   * Parse all quotas from webhook call.
   * return {quota array} quota object format:
             "id": "2600",
             "name": "fill-Male-A",
             "description": "",
             "responses": "0",
             "limit": "100",
             "distributed": "false"
  const getAllQuotas = () => {

    // get JSON from webhook call
    const quotasJSON = document.querySelector('.sg-http-content').innerText

    // test
    if (!quotasJSON)
      throw new Error("getAllQuotas(), no .sg-http-content")

    // parse webhook response
    const parsed = JSON.parse(quotasJSON)

    // test
    if (!parsed.result_ok === "ok")
      throw new Error("getAllQuotas(), result not ok: " + parsed)
    if (LOG) console.log("getAllQuotas() = ", parsed.quotas)
    if (!parsed.quotas)
      throw new Error("no quotas")

    return parsed.quotas

   * Shuffle / randomize an array in place
   * array {array} - array is mutated
   * return {array} - shuffled array
  function shuffle(array) {

    // Knuth shuffle (

    var currentIndex = array.length, temporaryValue, randomIndex;

    // While there remain elements to shuffle...
    while (0 !== currentIndex) {

      // Pick a remaining element...
      randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * currentIndex);
      currentIndex -= 1;

      // And swap it with the current element.
      temporaryValue = array[currentIndex];
      array[currentIndex] = array[randomIndex];
      array[randomIndex] = temporaryValue;

    return array;

   * Parse the Concept name from a quota
   * quota {quota object}
   * return {string} - The Concept name from the end of the
  const parseConceptFromQuota = quota => {
    const concept ='-') + 1)
    if (!concept) {
      console.log("parseConceptFromQuota() couldn't parse quota: ", quota)
      throw new Error("parseConceptFromQuota() couldn't parse " +
    return concept

   * Get the specific quotas that apply to respondent's Condition.
   * conditions {array of string} Optional Condition(s) selected by respondent. Quotas are
   *                              named 'fill-CONDITION-[CONDITION-]CONCEPT'.
   * awareOfConcepts {array of string} Optional Concepts selected in previous checkbox question 
   *                                   of which Concepts/Brands respondent is aware of
   * return {quota array} quotas that match the respondent's Conditon(s)
  const getConceptQuotas = (conditions, awareOfConcepts) => {

    let conceptQuotas = getAllQuotas().filter(quota =>`fill-`))

    // filter Concepts if using Condition(s)
    if (conditions.length) {
      // Create string of Condition Reporting Values, ex: "Female-Black" or empty string if Conditions aren't being used
      let conditionsString = conditions.join('-')
      if (LOG) console.log("getConceptQuotas(), conditionsString = ", conditionsString)
      conceptQuotas = conceptQuotas.filter(quota =>`fill-${conditionsString}`))

    // filter Concepts if using an "Aware of" checkbox
    if (awareOfConcepts.length) {
      if (LOG) console.log("getConceptQuotas(), awareOfConcepts = ", awareOfConcepts)
      conceptQuotas = conceptQuotas.filter(quota => {
        return awareOfConcepts.find(s => s.replace('*', '') == parseConceptFromQuota(quota))
      // Prioritize Concepts if they have an asterisk at the end of their Aware of Reporting Value.
      //   To do this set the quota response count to "-1" so it'll be sorted to the front.
      conceptQutoas = => {
        if (awareOfConcepts.includes(parseConceptFromQuota(quota) + '*')) 
          quota.responses = "-1" 
        return  quota

    // test
    if (!conceptQuotas)
      throw new Error ("no concept fill quotas " , (conditionsString ? `for condition(s): ${conditionsString}` : ''))

    // log
    if (LOG) {
      console.log("conceptQuotas = ")
      console.log( => `  ${} - ${quota.responses}` )

    return conceptQuotas

   * Get vertical bar-separated list of Concepts to show (Ex: 'B|D')
   * conceptQuotas_leastFirst {quota array} array is sorted with Least First, so pull from from of array
   * numToShow {int} how many concepts to show
   * return {string} with vertical bar-separated list of Concept names to show
    const getConceptsToShow = (conceptQuotas_leastFirst, numToShow) => {
      let toShow = []
      for (let i = 0; i < numToShow && i < conceptQuotas_leastFirst.length; i++) {
        // Assumes the quota names are in the form 'fill-CONDITION-CONCEPT'.
      toShow = toShow.sort(alphaSortFn)
      if (LOG) console.log(`toShow = \n  ${toShow.join('\n  ')}`)
      return toShow.join('|')

   * main()
  try {

    // AWARE_OF_CONCEPTS is one of:
    //      - empty array
    //      - array of string from a checkbox on a previous
    //      - QID for a checkbox on this page on this page pre-checked and using display
    //          logic based on previous questions
    let awareOfConcepts = AWARE_OF_CONCEPTS
    if (!Array.isArray(AWARE_OF_CONCEPTS)) {
      awareOfConcepts = getCheckedByQid(AWARE_OF_CONCEPTS)

    // get the quotas specific to respondent's Conditions and Aware-of choices
    let conceptQuotas = getConceptQuotas(CONDITIONS, awareOfConcepts)

    // randomize, ensure randomized Concepts selected even if all have the same number of Completes at this time
    conceptQuotas = shuffle(conceptQuotas)

    // sort based on number of responses received for the Concept
    conceptQuotas_leastFirst = conceptQuotas.sort((a,b) => parseInt(a.responses) - parseInt(b.responses) )

    // save which concepts to show
    getElemByQid(SAVE_TO_QID).value = getConceptsToShow(conceptQuotas_leastFirst, NUM_TO_SHOW)

    // save the current quotas so we can validate that the code was making the right choices at the time of this response
    if (LOG) console.log(">>> conceptQuotas_leastFirst = ", conceptQuotas_leastFirst)
    getElemByQid(CURRENT_QUOTAS_QID).value = => `  ${} - ${quota.responses}`)
    if (LOG) console.log(">>> getElemByQid(CURRENT_QUOTAS_QID).value = ", getElemByQid(CURRENT_QUOTAS_QID).value)

  catch (err) {
    console.error("ERROR,message ", err.message)
    console.error("ERROR ", err)
    alert("Javascript error in catch: " + err.message)

  // move to next page
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