Show One Random Page or Question

Scripting Solutions

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Show one random page (or question).



The solution uses the Hidden Value Action to create a random number. Later pages (or questions) use this number to determine if they should be shown or hidden. This has a similar effect as the Percent Branching feature.

   Step 1:  Add a Hidden Value Action     

  1. Add a Hidden Value Action with a title such as random-page-to-show.  
  2. Set it to populate with A randomly generated number.  
  3. Set Range Start to 1. Set Range End to the number of pages or questions you want to only show one of, for example 5 to show one of five pages. 

   Step 2:  Add Display Logic     

Set the Display Logic for each page (or question) to only show if the value of random-page-to-show is 1 or 2 or 3, etc.

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