Customize Email Invite Footer

As part of every email campaign invite, a footer is included with the sender's Organization, City, State, and Zip Code, as well as, an unsubscribe link for recipients to unsubscribe from your mailing list. This footer is required by the CAN-SPAM Act but is now customizable!

Email Footer Example

Customize your email campaign footer to add branding or an extra personal touch to the end of your email. Or, if you are sending out surveys in multiple languages, you can use this feature to translate the footer message. 

What is the CAN-SPAM Act?

The CAN-SPAM ACT is a law that provides rules and regulations to make sure that companies, or anyone who sends out emails on behalf of others, meet a certain set of standards designed to protect email recipients from SPAM and abuse. In order for both Alchemer and our customers to be CAN-SPAM ACT compliant, we require that anyone sending out an email campaign must have a valid physical mailing address on file.

In addition, all emails sent by Alchemer must have a valid physical mailing address, and an unsubscribe link in the footer.

No Physical Address?

If your account does not have a physical address on file, you will see the following message on the Send Campaign step of your Email Campaign.

The account physical address will need to be updated before you are able to send your email campaign. If you are an account administrator you can do this right on the Send Campaign step. Be sure to click Save Contact Information and you're all set to start sending!

If you are not an account administrator, you will need to contact your account administrator and request that they update the account physical address.

Update Account Physical Address

How do I customize my email invite footer text?

On your survey's Share tab:

  1. Edit your existing email campaign.
  2. Go to the Campaign Designer step and edit the message you want to customize.
  3. Click Edit Email Footer below your message body.

    The below merge codes are included. In order to adhere to CAN-SPAM Act standards, you will not be able to move forward without including these merge codes.

    • [account("physical address")]
    • [invite("unsubscribe link"), title="Unsubscribe"]

How do I customize the unsubscribe link?

If you want to replace the default Unsubscribe text in the footer, simply edit the title text inside of the merge code to reflect your desired wording.

In this example, the unsubscribe link text will become a clickable link that simply says Opt out.

Can I add colors and other text formatting?

You sure can! You'll need to use HTML to make these types of customizations. Below are some common HTML codes you might want to apply.

Change text color
<font color="red">This is some text!</font>
This is some text!
Make text bold
<strong>This is some text!</strong>
This is some text!
Italicize text
<em>This is some text!</em>
This is some text!
Underline text
<u>This is some text!</u>
This is some text!
Change font size
<font size="2">This is some text!</font>
This is some text!

What address does the [account("physical address")] merge code pull from?

The [account("physical address")] merge code will pull from your account information. This will be the information listed under Account > Account Summary > Contact Information. It will pull the following information into your email campaign footer:

  • Company Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Change the Physical Address in Your Email Campaign Footer

Under the Advanced Settings of your Email Campaign, you'll have a CAN-SPAM Address dropdown menu. Your account contact information will be in this list by default.

To add additional addresses, click the Manage Addresses link. Enter an organization name and physical address details and click either Add New Client to add more or Save. You must fill out ALL of the fields.

Manage CAN-SPAM Addresses

Then, you can just choose the name of the organization from the CAN-SPAM Address dropdown and click Save Campaign Settings.

Note: If you delete an address that was set to be used, the dropdown menu will default back the original address. However, if you send the next message without choosing a new address, the deleted address will still appear in your footer. Always remember to save any changes you make here!

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