Standard Report: Diverging Stacked Bar Chart

Standard Report: Diverging Stacked Bar Chart
Standard Report: Diverging Stacked Bar Chart

The Diverging Stacked Bar Chart is used to report on Drag & Drop Ranking questions and Ranking Grid questions.

The table will include a row for each item in your Drag & Drop Ranking question. Each item will have a Rank, Distribution, Score, and No. of Rankings.

  • The Rank is assigned by the Score.
  • The Score is a weighted calculation. Check out our How is the Score Computed Tutorial to learn more.
  • The No. of Rankings is the number of respondents that ranked that item. This can vary if the question is not required or you are limiting the number of items to be ranked.
  • Finally, the Distribution is a diverging stacked bar where a shade is assigned to each possible rank (which usually corresponds to the number of items unless you are limiting the number of items to be ranked). At the midpoint, the color of the sections of the bar changes to help you to see where preference starts to fall off for each item. The width of each section is determined by the number of times that option assigned that rank.

Available Options for Diverging Stacked Bar Charts

There are a number of options available for diverging bar charts.


First, if you wish to filter the data that displays for an individual diverging bar chart, click Filter to the right of the element and use the logic builder. Learn more about filtering an individual element.

  • If you wish to display the specific details of your filters below your chart check the Show Details of Filter with Report Element checkbox below the logic builder.
  • You will also see an option to filter this element by Survey Link or Campaign. This filter option will allow you to only include data in this element that was collected via a specific link (or links).
    Report Element: Filter Options

Layout & Options Tab

To explore even more options, review the settings available within the Layout & Options section.

Answer Options

You can choose to exclude any of the below statistics in the bar chart.

  • Rank
  • No. of Rankings
  • Score

Answer Option Names

  • By default, the Original Option Title displayed to survey respondents will display in your report.
  • Toggle to Reporting Value if you wish to display this instead.

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