Share & Collect


Pre-Launch Checklist
Leading Practice Are you ready to launch your survey and start collecting responses? Excellent! We have prepared a checklist to help you make sure that you have crossed your t's and dotted your i's (both literally and figuratively) before you...
Use Alchemer for Student Research
Many students use Alchemer to conduct research for their theses, dissertations or other graduate work. Students are certainly permitted to conduct research via the Alchemer platform, provide...
Share & Collect- FAQ and Troubleshooting
Alchemer offers a number of options for sharing your surveys with your audience. Share a generic link, email a list of respondents, or embed your survey on your website.
Survey Taking- FAQ and Troubleshooting
Survey taking, that is, the experience of responding to Alchemer surveys is generally a pretty straightforward process. From time to time questions and issues arise. Get answers to all your survey-taking questions and issues in this FAQ.   Trouble...