Share Your Survey Using a Link


Share a Link to Your Survey
A Web Link is the most common way to share your survey. This link can be posted to a website, sent via email through your personal account or even printed on marketing materials.
Survey Share Link Branding and Customization
For each project, a link is automatically generated that includes the survey ID and title. You can also customize and brand your links by clicking Customize for the Primary Share Link.
Set Up a Survey Link to Use Your Private Domain
Once you have your private domain configured you'll want to use it in your survey share links. Learn how to ensure that all newly created surveys use your private domain by default (requires Account Administrator configuration). Otherwise, to ...
Set Up a Survey Link to Use Your Branded Subdomain
Once you have your Branded Subdomain set up, you'll want to use it in your survey share links. To do so: Go to the Share tab of a project. Click  Customize this link and select Branded Subdomain  under  Sub-Type and select your Branded Sub...
Secure Survey Share Links
If you wish to take advantage of an extra layer of security when collecting data you can use secure links (https). https links use what is called Secure Socket Layer to transport data safely between
Create Unique Links to Invite by Other System
Because Alchemer Email Campaigns create unique links for each contact there are a number of benefits to using email campaigns to share your survey including respondent tracking, built-in duplicate protection, and save and continue. If you are look...
Using Multiple Survey Share Links to Track and Segment Responses
If you'd like to track and segment your responses, tracking links are an easy way to achieve this! Create separate share links and send them to various segments of your survey population.
Use a Different Survey Theme Per Share Link
If you are using multiple share methods or links for your survey you can set different themes for each share link. This is a great way to target certain audiences with your look and feel. To use multiple themes in a single survey you'll need to sta...
How to Add URL Variables to Share Links and Campaigns
URL Variables make for a quick method for pre-populating existing data into a survey. With a simple query added to the end of the survey link, data can be stored as part of each survey response. This gives you the ability to push information into th...
The Share Tab
Your survey's Share tab offers a number of tools for sharing your survey with respondents and tracking responses while the survey is 'in the field.' Share via default link, email campaign, and more!
Why Is My Link Not Secure?
Even if you are using a secure (https) survey link, you may still see an indication in your browser that your survey is not fully secure.
Can I remove the /s3/ from my survey share link?
Whether the Alchemer domain or your own private domain in your share link you'll notice that there is a reference to an s3 directory. The /s3/ portion of the link cannot be removed; this is the reference to the directory where our surveys are stored.