Response Targeting Use Cases

Response Targeting is a feature that allows you to target any new interactions to only display to customers that responded a specific way on a past Survey and/or Prompt (formerly Notes).

It is a great way to keep a feedback loop going with customers and make them feel heard when you follow up with them. Below are two common use cases that highlight how you could utilize this feature.

Note: this feature is currently available in our Web SDK, 6.x Android SDK and 6.x iOS SDK.

Ways To Use

Gather Product Feedback

Response Targeting will enable you to get product feedback from your customers and also let them know you’ve shipped something based on that feedback! 

For example, if you have sent a Survey to customers asking them questions around What should we build next?.

When analyzing the results, you might find some common feature areas for improvement. If you want to follow up with customers to learn more about a specific feature area, you can use Response Targeting. This will allow you to send another Survey which targets only the customers that responded a specific way in the prior Survey and will allow you to ask more targeted questions based on the previous feedback.

If you ship new features based on this feedback, you could use Response Targeting to display a personalized Prompt to customers to let them know the feature is live and thank or reward them for their feedback!

Promotional Offers

Oftentimes companies can present promotion offers for their customers, and Response Targeting is a great way to get their feedback on the offer (or see if there are other offers you should present to them). 

One example is to alert customers via a Prompt that a new offer is available in the product.

If they selected the Prompt action which allows them to take the offer, you can then use Response Targeting to send a Survey a few days later to get their feedback on the experience. 

If they didn’t take the offer and “Dismissed” the Prompt you can then use Response Targeting to send a follow-up survey to understand more about the customer and what types of offers might better resonate with them in the future.

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