Why am I not receiving my password reset emails?

Are you or others in your organization having trouble receiving your password reset emails? You may need to add Mandrill to your allowlist, the email service provider we use to send these emails.

Mandrill's IP ranges are continuously updated as they add more servers for sending. Allowlisting by IP is generally not recommended since Mandrill's shared IPs may change without notice. However, if allowlisting by IP is the only option, you'll need to have your IT department check for the most up-to-date IP information in the TXT record for spf.mandrillapp.com. This information can be obtained using the following command:

dig TXT spf.mandrillapp.com

This record will be updated whenever new IPs are added to Mandrill's sending IP range. It is recommended that you periodically check to ensure that you have the current range used by Mandrill.

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