File Library: Upload Files and Images to Use in Your Surveys
Each Alchemer account has a File Library where you can store images and other file types to use in your surveys, email messages, etc. You can access your File Library under Account > Libraries.
Question Library
Save yourself some time by adding your questions, groups of questions and pages to the Question Library to reuse in later surveys. Questions from the Question Library are shared between all users...
Question Library: What is the difference between page and question elements?
When creating new Question Library elements you will be presented with the choice to create an element made up of pages or one made up of questions. Not sure which to choose? The Page(s) option will allow you to select one or multiple pages to...
Question Library: Who has access?
Account Administrators on Individual License-based Accounts, Team & Enterprise Licensed-based Accounts, and Legacy Dedicated Accounts can create, edit, and unlink Question Library elements.
Add Question Library Elements to Your Survey
At the bottom of any page in your survey (except the Thank You page) you can click the option to Add New From Library. You also have a Insert from Library link between pages.
Report on Question Library Questions Across Surveys
One of many benefits of using Alchemer's Question Library, is the ability to aggregate response data collected via library questions.
Survey Theme Library
Whether you are looking to make a couple of style tweaks or a lot, creating a custom theme is the place to do it. Custom themes are saved in your Survey Themes library and can be used easily applied to your surveys. To get to your Survey Themes lib...