Identify Bounced Email Addresses

A bounce is a message that has been deemed undeliverable by the email server. Once an address has bounced, there is no reason to try sending to that contact again. It impacts the overall email deliverability from Alchemer and an excessive number of bounces counts negatively against your ability to continue to send emails through our system.

To identify which email addresses bounced in a campaign, go to the Delivery Statistics tab and click the option to Export Contacts with Send Status.  

Export Contacts with Send Status

Important: If you are sending your Email Campaign via your SMTP server, Send Status will not be available via Alchemer. You will need to refer to your Email Service Provider (ESP), for delivery/bounce information.

For each email message (Invite, Reminder, and Thank You), you will have a Send Status column. Simply sort by this column to quickly see a list of all bounced emails.

Identify Bounced Email Addresses

Email addresses that are listed as Bounced for any given message's Send Status will not be eligible for further sends of subsequent Reminders or Thank You messages.

You can actually take advantage of this to clean your contact list for your next email campaign! Delete these contacts from your spreadsheet when you're ready to send your next campaign. 

Check out the Email Deliverability Best Practices Tutorial for more information about maintaining good lists.

How to Correct Bounced Email Addresses

If you determine that your email message for given contact bounced due to an incorrect email address you will need to re-add this contact and re-send your invite messages. Unfortunately, correcting the typo in the email address for existing contact will not correct the issue.

Check out our tutorials on Adding a New Contact to an Email Campaign and Sending to a Newly Added Contact for next steps. 

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