Geodata Location Explained

  • Geodata in Individual Response Details

The geodata location, found in Individual Responses and exports, derives the city, state, ZIP code, or country from which a person has connected to the Internet by using their device's IP address. We use a third-party service called Maxmind to pull locations and corresponding codes.

  • Determining which nation a respondent came from based on their IP address is simple and usually very accurate (95%-99%) because registrars require a country name when an IP range is allocated and that information is freely available.
  • Determining a location down to the city or ZIP code is less accurate and much more difficult. Respondents could be sharing an IP address and Internet Service Providers (ISP's) often base their IP addresses in the city where the company is located versus where the respondent actually is. For example, we are based in Boulder, Colorado and responses generated in our own offices show up in geodata approximately 2.3 miles away!

To learn how to disable geodata collection, check out our Anonymous Surveys tutorial.


Alchemer does not record geodata for IPv6 IP addresses at this time.

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