Why Do I Need To Get Authorized To Send Email?

All new accounts need to receive authorization in order to send and test an email campaign in our system. We do this in order to prevent abuse of our email system. This improves our overall deliverability.

Before you can send your first email campaign, a physical address must be on file and the campaign needs to be reviewed by our staff. Once authorized you will have full access to the email campaign functionality.

The good news is you only need authorization for your first send and the process is quite simple.

  1. From the Send Campaign step of your Email Campaign you will see a Click here to get authorized for email link. Click this link to get started.
    Email Authorization Link
  2. This will take you to a form that will collect some basic information about yourself and the contacts you are sending to. Provide the following information (you may not see all of the below fields if your account administrator has already provided the necessary account information):
    • Account Information - if not already on file, you will be asked to provide contact information including physical address.
    • Account Primary Contact Information - please include the information of the primary contact on your Alchemer account.
    • Your Contact Information - indicate whether you are the primary contact on the account - if not, please provide your contact information here.
    • Your Contacts - describe how you have obtained your contact list and confirm the following:
      • I have explicit permission to send to these contacts (Double Opt In).
      • I grant the Alchemer Spam Prevention Team access to my account for review purposes. Learn more!
        Information About Your Contacts
  3. Once you have provided the necessary information, click Submit. The form is submitted for approval with Alchemer's Support Team and is typically processed in 24 business hours or less. Once Support has approved your campaign you will now have access to send emails from Alchemer to your respondents. 

Who Can I Send To Via Alchemer?

Simply collecting an email address does not imply permission to send to that contact. Double opt-in permission is required to send email via Alchemer. Double opt-in, also known as confirmed opt-in, works like so: When someone signs up through a subscribe form an email is immediately sent to the address they provided. The email contains a verification link which the recipient must click to confirm that they own the address. When the link is clicked, the person's email address is only then added to the contact list.

The double opt-in process ensures email addresses are correct, which reduces bounce rates. The process also reduces the probability of spam complaints. This helps us to maintain our sender reputation and improve deliverability rates for all of our customers.

This is a very common requirement when using an email service provider.

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