Detecting JavaScript is Not Enabled in Surveys

As with all interactive online forms and web pages, JavaScript is essential for full functionality in Alchemer surveys. JavaScript is a standard programming language that is used in web pages to provide functionality such as menus, sounds, and other interactive features.

Alchemer surveys will detect whether JavaScript is turned on in your respondents' browsers and, if not, it will instruct them to turn it on.

JavaScript Not Enabled Message

How Often Will This Happen?

The good news is this should be a very rare case. JavaScript should be enabled in all browsers by default. Users or organizations would have to manually turn off JavaScript and/or select very high-security settings.

How Do I Turn JavaScript Back On?

Each user would need to do this themselves. Here is a great resource with instructions for turning on JavaScript in all major web browsers: Feel free to share this with your respondents!

Which Question Types Require JavaScript To Be Enabled?

The majority of Alchemer question types require Javascript to be enabled in order to collect data. If you need to field a survey in an environment where JavaScript will be disabled, you will want to make sure that you stick to the most basic question types.

Refer to the below table for compatibility information.

Note: While a question type may not require JavaScript by default, certain features such as validation, do require JavaScript. We recommend not overriding the default settings of these questions, and as always, test thoroughly!

Question TypeRequires JavaScript?
Radio Buttons 
Radio Button Grid 
Dropdown Menu 
Essay / Long Answer 
Star Rating Grid 
File Upload 
Drag & Drop Ranking 
Ranking Grid 
Rating (Likert Scale) 
Image (select one) 
Image (multi-select) 
Image Heatmap 
Text Highlighter 
Checkbox Grid 
Dropdown Menu List 
Textbox List 
Continuous Sum 
Slider List 
Conjoint Experiment 
Cascading Dropdown 
Grouping (Open Card Sort) 
Grouping (Closed Card Sort) 
Quick Sort 
Dropdown Menu Grid 
Textbox Grid 
Salesforce Lead Form 
Max Diff 
Semantic Differential 
Contact Form* 
Custom Group* 
Custom Group* (Add as Needed) 
Custom Table 

*The Contact Form and Custom Group question types allow for sub-questions to be added. If the sub-questions that are added require JavaScript, the parent question will be affected.

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