Quantum Metric Session Replay Link (Beta)

This document describes how Alchemer Mobile exposes survey reporting UI with Quantum Metric (also QM) session replay link.

QM Replay Link in Custom Data

There's a need to get a session ID and generate the correct URL to the QM session replay to display the link on the survey text responses.

To get a replay URL with a session ID, we recommend invoking QuantumMetricAPI.getReplay().This method will help you get the link to the session replay itself. 

You can also invoke QuantumMetricAPI.getSessionID(), which will give you the ID of the session replay. Building the URL that will include this session ID should be done on your code side.

If you're not using the method getReplay, we recommend having the URL with the following structure:

Three variables in the URL will vary depending on the customer and stored session:

  • account - your account in Quantum Metric
  • qmsessioncookie - the value of session ID returned by the command above
  • ts - date range for the session, we recommend making it the day when the session was recorded; NOTE: without adding it to the URL, you need to set the date range in the search filters of your QM account when opening the session replay from Alchemer Mobile.

The generated session URL should be sent as device custom data within Alchemer Mobile. The key for the custom data with the QM replay link should be ‘qm_session’. If there's another field you're using for the QM link or if you are passing the key through person custom data, please let us know so we can make changes and support it. Note that it will take some Alchemer development time.

If you want to know more about custom data, use this link here.

Alchemer Mobile Survey Reporting

After the user responds to the survey interaction, the button ‘View Session’ appears on the survey reporting page as part of text responses. 

Clicking the button will open a new window and redirect you to your Quantum Metric login page. Depending on the generated link, you will enter a session replays list where you need to filter the results or the replay session itself.

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