Logic, Piping/Repeating, and Randomization


Build Efficient Survey Logic
Leading Practice Logic is one of the trickiest Alchemer features to master. We created this tutorial (with flowcharts!) to help you better understand how logic works and give you some tips for building efficient logic. Tip 1. When using log...
Considerations Before Using Piping & Repeating
Leading Practice To pipe, or not to pipe, that is the question. While piping comes in handy during the build phase of your survey; it's not always the best setup when it comes to your data. There's almost always an alternative to using pip...
Survey Logic- FAQ and Troubleshooting
Alchemer logic features allow you to customize your survey for each respondent by dynamically showing survey content based on things like answers to previous questions within the survey, email campaign contact information, or URL variables.   What...
Piping/Repeating- FAQ and Troubleshooting
Piping allows you to use information collected in your survey at a later point in that survey. Piping lets you efficiently tailor the survey experience to the specific respondent taking the survey.