[Legacy SDK] Android - Native

Legacy Android SDK quick start, integration, log monitoring, customization, testing, and more.


Legacy - Android Quick Start Guide
This document helps you quickly start using Alchemer Mobile in your Android app.
Legacy Android Integration Reference
This document will show you how to integrate the Alchemer Mobile Android SDK into your app, configure it, and test to make sure it’s working properly.
Legacy - Migrating Alchemer Mobile Android Versions
Certain versions of our SDK break compatibility with older versions. If you are migrating from an old version, please follow these migration guides.
Legacy - Troubleshooting the Alchemer Mobile Android SDK
Here are a few of the more common issues that customers have run into when integrating the Alchemer Mobile Android SDK in their app. ​
Legacy - Testing Alchemer Mobile on Android
This document will help you verify that Events and Interactions have been properly configured within your app through the Alchemer Mobile Android SDK.
Legacy - Requesting Ratings on Google Play
Google has introduced big changes for App Publishers requesting ratings from their customers. Learn how the Alchemer Mobile Rating Dialog works with the changes.
Legacy - Android Interface Customization
The Alchemer Mobile Android SDK is built to automatically use your app’s theme, which means you shouldn’t need to do anything to modify our SDK to suit your app.
Legacy - Android SDK Release Notes
Notes about our past improvements to Alchemer Mobile's legacy Android SDK.
Legacy - Google Play Data Privacy Information
Google Play will soon require additional details in the Data Safety section on the Google Play store. This information helps users make more informed choices when deciding which apps to install.
Developer Guide for Alternative Rating Prompt
This document provides an overview of how to use the alternative rating prompt.