Alchemer Training

Alchemer offers several training options to accelerate learning and engage users in the full functionality of the Alchemer platform. Below we will explore some of our offerings.

If the offerings below are of interest to you, call your customer success manager or 800.609.6480 to learn more!

Basic Training

This live, five-hour, virtual training course is customizable to fit only your company’s needs. The goal of Basic Training is to get your team up to speed quickly through personalized training.

Basic Training Goals

The goals for Alchemer Basic Training course are: 

  • To get new users up to speed much quicker than if using our self-serve training offerings 
  • To get a holistic understanding of the platform at a practical level 
  • To allow discussion and Q&A 
  • To disseminate useful tips and tricks

Who Should Attend?
The Basic Training class is designed for people new to Alchemer. This can be an entire team for new customers, or anybody who is new to Alchemer for existing customers. The class is not designed as a refresher, although people familiar with the product may attend.

The Structure

Alchemer Basic Training is a virtual course conducted live via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Before the training begins we often schedule a scoping call to clarify the training plan. The course is structured in the following ways: 

  • The five-hour course is scheduled for the times and dates that work best for your team 
  • Each hour is focused on specific Alchemer foundational topics 
  • Each topic will be demonstrated in actual projects (surveys) 
  • The training is interactive with time for questions and answers 
  • At the end of each hour, a link to the recorded session will be sent to you

Check out our sample training agenda for a more in depth look at how this training can be custom-fit to your needs.


Each trainer is engaging, experienced, and most importantly, passionate about helping you reach your full potential as an Alchemer user. The approach is very hands-on and uses real world examples for each hour of training.

Business Labs

Alchemer Business Labs are a series of strategic, guided workshops designed to address your specific business challenges. Nothing about these labs is cookie cutter. They’re custom-fit to your needs with a deep dive into the most relevant features, guidance on making your project a success, and a review to ensure you’ve got the skills and project foundation to get results.

What Are Alchemer Business Labs?

Alchemer Business Labs are a series of strategic, guided workshops that address specific customer challenges. Through private feature training and project coaching, you will be able to gain the needed skills for success. They’re for new and existing customers who need to learn quickly, have high-priority projects, or would benefit from private workshops, consultations, and project guidance. Business Lab workshops include hand-picked video courses and documentation, private learning sessions with subject matter experts, and a tailored approach to learning the skills to achieve project success.

Who Needs Alchemer Business Labs?
Alchemer Business Labs are perfect if: 

  • You’re not getting the response rates or results you want or need
  • You are struggling to provide a good user experience to your survey takers 
  • You’re finding broken connections in your surveys or workflows 
  • You’re struggling to make sense of the data you’re collecting 
  • You’re frustrated by manual and paper processes 
  • You’re not acting on feedback in a timely fashion (or at all) 
  • You have new team members or a fast-moving project

Who Has Alchemer Helped?

The Alchemer Business Labs team has helped people in a variety of industries with all kinds of challenges: 

  • Online Retail companies performing product testing and market research 
  • Technology and Software companies needing to improve customer satisfaction 
  • Government entities managing resource allocation during emergencies and more 
  • Energy companies improving safety, compliance, and physical site maintenance 
  • Entertainment companies streamlining management and logistics for training 
  • Manufacturing organizations tracking orders and automating messaging 
  • Automotive firms using QR codes to segment customer feedback and research 
  • Consulting firms running longitudinal studies to measure market trends 
  • Research firms improving response rates through better survey design 
  • Education and Nonprofits needing to streamline results and consolidate responses

The Process
We start with a Planning Session to discuss your project goals and create a roadmap. At that time, we will also Curate the technical documentation and Alchemer University classes that will best help you reach your goals. Next, we will Deep Dive into the features you will be using. We’ll also set up Project Guidance sessions to help you keep things on track and in the best order. Then we perform a Skills and Project Review to make sure your team can run things going forward.

Building Better Surveys Labs
The Building Better Surveys labs focus on helping you build highly effective surveys and maximizing your survey response rates. You’ll also learn how to optimize your surveys to improve the data quality of your responses and how to improve the results for reporting. This lab is ideal for teams responsible for customer experience (CX), Voice of the Customer (VoC), and market/user research

Activating Feedback Labs
The Activating Feedback labs teach you how to automate feedback from forms and surveys. You’ll learn to add triggers and actions, integrate data across systems, and replace manual processes. This lab is ideal for teams looking to close the loop with customers and respondents, automate manual or paper processes, or share feedback across departments.

Reporting Insights Labs

The Reporting Insights labs help you uncover and share insights through reporting. You’ll learn how to perform segmented analysis on your data, how to analyze open text sentiment, and how to perform advanced statistics. This lab is designed for teams looking to measure CX programs, tailor reports by stakeholders, perform market/user research, and drive better business decisions through research.

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