Alchemer Release Notes: January 16, 2024

Alchemer Survey 


[Update] - FTP/SFTP exports now send at a consistent time every night.


[Fix] - Fixed an issue where 1500-character errors incorrectly appeared when editing the translation field. 

[Fix] - Fixed an issue where Google Sheets PUSH action intermittently fails despite reporting success.  

[Fix] - Fixed an issue where the Google Sheets action was formatting incorrectly in the Individual Responses Tab. 

[Fix] - Fixed an issue where not all answers were displaying in the response modal and the individual response PDF.

[Fix] - Cloning Crosstab elements from Bulk Edit now works as intended. 

[Fix] - Survey download to Word question input option now works as intended.

[Fix] - Fixed appearance issues with response tables, when adding certain questions to the grid columns.

[Fix] - Ability to “delete all” surveys in trash now functions as intended.

[Fix] - In Shared Reporting, set to “Allow Answer Option Filtering” now functions as intended when using a Private Domain Link.

Alchemer Workflow


[Fix] - Fixed an issue where the default theme for a survey appeared broken while accessing the survey via the workflow share link.   

[Fix] - Fixed an issue where accessing surveys via workflow will only display the default styling for surveys and ignores any style customizations.

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