Alchemer Mobile Reporting

An overview of Alchemer Mobile reporting and customer metrics.


Alchemer Mobile Reporting Dashboard Explainer
A short video walkthrough of how to use Alchemer Mobile's reporting capabilities, along with our tips for best results.
Insights Dashboard Explainer
A short video walkthrough of how to use Alchemer Mobile Insights, allowing you to dig into open-ended feedback.
Download Center
The Download Center is the central place to view and export any downloads you have initiated on your data across all the apps you have access to.
Google Play Store Ratings & Reporting
Because Google is now weighing recent ratings more heavily than historical ratings, if an app receives more one-star reviews in the current week and Google drops the apps rating, they will send through the ratings data that supports that score instead of the actual numbers coming through.
Net Fan Score
Net Fan Score provides a high level, at-a-glance pulse of your application's health.
Measuring App User Activity
Active Users and Customer Retention are cards found on your Summary dashboard designed to provide an understanding of your unique visitors as well as what portion of your unique app consumers are repeat visitors on a month-by-month basis.
iOS and Android Ratings Reporting
On the Alchemer Mobile dashboard, you can glance at ratings from App Store and Google Play to see if your customers like your application, as the individual rating your app receives contributes to its overall store rating.