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Billing- FAQ and Troubleshooting
The Billing section of Alchemer is accessible to Account Administrator users. How often will I get billed? Alchemer offers Annual Billing.
Account & Login- FAQ and Troubleshooting
Get answers to all your account and login questions and issues in this list of FAQs. Find information about trial accounts, the free plan, password resets, and other common account related questions.
Alchemer Application Status Page- FAQ and Troubleshooting
Alchemer maintains a page that will alert you to any non-operational parts of the application as well as any downgraded performance we are experiencing. Visit
Alchemer's Refund Policy- FAQ and Troubleshooting
Alchemer's refund and return policy are dependent on several factors based on the account type, term of the subscription, and additional features being utilized by the account. Below explores the specific information regarding Alchemer's Refund Poli...